Auxiliary Bishop of Lausanne, Genève & Fribourg


The coat of arms of the newly ordained auxiliary bishop of Lausanne, Genève & Fribourg in Switzerland, the Most Rev. Alain de Raemy. His arms are colorful and interesting and, in continental fashion, employ lots of elements repeated in four quarters. This method seems odd to those who are used to arms that are marshaled only to indicate jurisdiction over a territory like a diocese or abbey. But, it is not uncommon in Switzerland, Germany and Austria.

The artwork is by Laurent Granier.

1 thought on “Auxiliary Bishop of Lausanne, Genève & Fribourg

  1. Hans van Heijningen

    Here we have an auxiliarian bishop. The 1st and 4th quarter are one of the appearances of the family-crest De Raemy. The 2nd and 3rd quarters are not the crest of the diocese Lausanne, Genève & Fribourg. But what these quarters stand for, I don’t know too.


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