New Archbishop of Salzburg


The new archbishop of Salzburg, Austria, Dr. Franz Lackner, OFM will be installed on January 12. His coat of arms employs the traditional red galero used by ancient custom by the archbishops of Salzburg (who hold the title “Primate of Germany”) because of their role as Papal Legate. This red galero with 20 tassels is used even if the archbishop is not a Cardinal. If he is promoted to Cardinal then another row of tassels is added to the galero. Similarly, the archbishops of Salzburg wear red, not purple, even if they are not Cardinals.

The arms also illustrate that the method of marshaling coats of arms preferred in many places, impalement, is far from the only option. The ancient arms of the See of Salzburg make up the upper third of the shield. The center section of blue with the gold grapevine is primarily emblematic of those referred to in Jn 15:1-5 the Lord’s vineyard and the strong connection between Christ and the believer (“I am the vine; you are the branches.”) . At the same time the vine but is also reference to the origin of Dr. Lackner from the wine area , namely that of Eastern Styria around Kapfenstein and St. Anna am Aigen. The golden heraldic lily is the actual symbol for Mary. The threefold division of the fleur-de-lis symbolizes the Holy Trinity of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. The green base shows the “Franciscan Conformities” or the coat of arms of the Franciscan Order (without the clouds).

2 thoughts on “New Archbishop of Salzburg

  1. Hans van Heijningen

    In Central-Europe (area of the ancient Austrian Empire) marshalling was quite irregularly.
    SALZBURG: Until the end of the 19th century marshalling ‘with a diocesan-chief’ was dominant, but not entirely present. Sometimes we saw marshalling quarterly. Starting with KATSCHTALER we see only marshalling with a diocesan chief, with one exception: KOTHGASSER marshalled in the same way as he did as a bishop of Innsbrück: the field was entirely the diocesan crest and in chief he placed his personal symbols.
    For VIENNA marshalling per pale was dominant until 1956. Starting with VON RAUSCHER (1853-1875) marshalling per pale was the only option. After 1955 who had a different crest as aux. of Graz/Seckau) returned to the marshalling/tradition of Salzburg.

    1. Hans van Heijningen

      Sorry – my last phrases was unclear (fallen out?)
      I mean: VIENNA – After 1955 the cardinals König, Groer and Schönborn all marshalled quarterly.
      LACKNER marshalled for Salzburg traditionnaly with the diocesan crest in chief.
      LACKNER had a different coat of arms as aux.bishop in Graz-Seckau.


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