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St. Benedict’s Abbey, Still River


The monastic community of St. Benedict in Still River, Massachusetts decided recently to modify their existing coat of arms which was originally designed by the late, great, Dom Wilfrid Bayne, OSB of St. Anselm’s Abbey in Rhode Island. The coat of arms was designed some sixty plus years ago for the St. Benedict Center on Bow and Arrow streets in Cambridge, MA which was the origin of the community that eventually grew into St. Benedict’s Abbey today. There was originally no external ornament in the achievement. The community simply bore a shield with the coat of arms.

The decision was undertaken recently to add an abbatial crozier as an external ornament to bring the achievement into conformity with what is usual for a monastery with the rank of Abbey. While it is the usual custom to depict a sudarium, or veil, pendant from the crozier in the coat of arms of an abbot usually when depicting the arms of an abbey, a corporate body, the sudarium is omitted.

Bishop of Parramatta

On June 16, 2016 the Most Rev. Vincent Long Van Nguyen, OFM Conv, formerly Auxiliary of Melbourne, was installed as Bishop of Parramatta, Australia succeeding Archbishop Anthony Fisher, OP of Sydney.

His coat of arms (below) was assumed in 2011 when he became a bishop and is now impaled with the arms of his See. The design of his personal arms was undertaken by me with Mr. Richard d’Apice, AM, KCHS and rendered then as now by Mr. Sandy Turnbull both of the Australian Heraldry Society.


Newest Addition to the Library


This arrived in the post today: Heraldisches Handbuch der Katholischen Kirche by Fr. Simon Petrus, O.Praem. It was published this year. A very handsome volume unfortunately not published in English but only in German. It is available from Battenberg publishers. (ISBN: 978-3-86646-128-4) It is also available through Amazon.