A Moment of the Genuine Heraldry Nerd in Me Coming to the Fore

A true gem for my collection came in the mail today. The deluxe edition in publisher’s morocco binding of “The Heralds’ Commemorative Exhibition 1484-1934”, example no. 252/300 which also happens to have George Viner, FSA’s bookplate in it. This is one I’ve been trying to get hold of for some time and now I finally have it. It’s going to be a highly prized addition to my personal library.

1 thought on “A Moment of the Genuine Heraldry Nerd in Me Coming to the Fore

  1. Randy Walker

    Congratulations on your latest acquisition, Fr. Selvester. I bought A.C. Fox-Davies’ “A Complete Guide To Heraldry” off the bargain book table in the early 80’s when I was in college and have continued collecting books on heraldry for the last thirty years later. Several of my favorites are “The Art of Heraldry: An Encyclopaedia of Armory”, A.C. Fox Davies’ magnum opus, “Heraldry in the Catholic Church: Its Origin, Customs and Laws” by the Most Rev. Bruno Heim, and “A Manual of Ecclesiastical Heraldry: Catholic, Anglican, Lutheran, Presbyterian and Orthodox” by Michael McCarthy.


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