Bishop Walkowiak of Grand Rapids, Michigan


The coat of arms of the Most Rev. David Walkowiak who was ordained and installed today as Bishop of Grand Rapids, Michigan. In his personal arms the bend with wavy lines alludes to St. Mary’s Seminary in Cleveland where he studied for the priesthood. The five small silver lines or “barrulets” that make up the waves stand for the five great lakes. The crowned harp is an allusion to King David, his baptismal patron, who is thought to have composed the Psalms. In base the flour-de-lis is a symbol of Our Lady and also of St. Joan of Arc, the patroness of the parish in Ohio where the bishop used to serve as a pastor.

The arms of the diocese represent falling water or rapids in the Grand River, hence, Grand Rapids and the cross moline alludes to a mill rind thus symbolizing the agrarian roots of the region.

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