Bishops Schlert and Wack

Two bishops were recently ordained and installed as Diocesan bishops in the United States and some have asked for my comment on their coats of arms.

Bishop Alfred Schlert of Allentown, PA



Bishop William Wack, CSC of Pensacola-Talahassee, FL


Not good.

6 thoughts on “Bishops Schlert and Wack

  1. rdapice

    I assume that Fr Guy’s comments relate to the bishops’ personal arms.

    The same comments could be made of the arms of the dioceses of Allentown, PA and Pensacola-Talahassee, FL respectively although the result could have been influenced by decisions made by the artist as Marco Foppoli’s representation of the diocesan arms for the predecessor Bishop Gregory Parkes made much greater sense of the diocesan arms.

    A horizontal division of the Bishop’s personal aaarms would have produced a more pleasing design to my eye, especially when impaled.


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