Bishop Timothy Harris

On May 3, the Feast of Ss. Philip & James, the Most Rev. Timothy Harris (54), a priest of the Archdiocese of Brisbane, was ordained a bishop in the Church and installed as the 6th Bishop of Townsville, Australia.

His personal arms, impaled with those of the diocese, make allusions to his family name (the crescent), his baptismal patron (the plates representing stones as a symbol of St. Timothy) and Pope Francis who appointed him a bishop and whose emphasis on mercy the bishop wishes to incorporate into his own ministry (the sprig of spikenard).

His arms were designed by me in close collaboration with Mr. Richard d’Apice, AM, KCHS and rendered by Mr. Sandy Turnbull, both members of the Australian Heraldry Society.


2 thoughts on “Bishop Timothy Harris

  1. Hans van Heijningen

    Bravo for the black. But for Harris there is more to explain: Yes, the crescent is for his family, but the plates are also. As far as I know there are Harris-arms sable with 3 crescents ánd 3 plates argent. So also the chief of the diocese Harrisburg (USA) could be arranged based on such a version.

    1. guyselvester Post author

      Actually, the crescent was included for Harris but the plates for stones to allude to Timothy. In the arms of the diocese of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania the chief actually has nothing to do with the name Harris. Rather, it is a differenced version of the black fess charged with three plates from the arms of William Penn!


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