Bishop Gregory Homeming, OCD

On February 22, the Feast of the Chair of St. Peter, the Most Rev. Gregory Homeming, of the Order of Discalced Carmelites (58) was ordained a bishop in the Church and installed as the 6th Bishop of Lismore, Australia.

His arms (below) reflect his membership in the Carmelite Order as also employ a symbol of St. Gregory the Great, a crane in its vigilance.

The bishop’s personal coat of arms were designed by me in collaboration with Mr. Richard d’Apice, AM, KCHS and rendered by Mr. Sandy Turnbull, both members of the Australian Heraldry Society.

unnamed (1)

2 thoughts on “Bishop Gregory Homeming, OCD

  1. Hans van Heijningen

    Bravo …..
    But I also see, that the diocesan coat of arms of Lismore has been changed (from “per bend wavy of (7?)………………………….. azure and argent” to “per fess of (Multi) argent and azure”.
    (see McCarthy’s work and the arms of mgr. Jarrett.

    1. guyselvester Post author

      Actually, Bishop Jarrett chose to modify his own personal arms and to make changes to the Diocesan arms a few years ago. He enlisted the help of the Australian Heraldry Society to do so. But, the arms of Bishop Homeming do not mark a change in the Diocesan arms at this time. Rather, it was his predecessor, Bp. Jarrett who undertook to do that (over my opposition which went ignored, albeit politely).


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