Archbishops of Sydney

With the recent installation of the IX archbishop of Sydney Australia, The Most Rev. Anthony Fisher, OP several have asked about the arms of the other archbishops, five of whom have also been cardinals. Here they are:

1. Bede (John) Polding, OSB


2. Bede (Roger) Vaughan, OSB


3. Patrick Francis Cardinal Moran


4. Michael Kelly


5. Norman Thomas Cardinal Gilroy, KBE

GILROY-3 My painting0001

6. James Darcy Cardinal Freeman, KBE


7. Edward Bede Cardinal Clancy


8. George Cardinal Pell, AC


9. Anthony Colin Fisher, OP


4 thoughts on “Archbishops of Sydney

  1. Hans van Heijningen

    Thanks father Guy. Even I would be more glad when the Australian dioceses themselves publish theire (former) bishops arms on their own webs. They would avoid in being busy with anwsering all the many questions of the heraldists and other interested all over the world. Some dioceses have their bishops arms on the web but most haven’t.

  2. georgetslc

    Do you have a blazon for all the quarterings in Bishop Vaugan’s achievement? And could you explain what the two shields are and why? (I know I’m going to kick myself when you tell us what the small one is.) The diocesan arms don’t seem to be involved.

    1. guyselvester Post author

      The arms of the See are not part of the achievement as was customary in the 19th Century. I believe there were no diocesan arms at that time and they were designed later. I do not have the blazon for each of the quarterings. The other smaller shield is of the Benedictine Order. Archbishop Vaughan, like his predecessor was a Benedictine monk of Downside Abbey in England.

      1. Hans van Heijningen

        I am only sure about the first quarter: per pale azure-gueules with three lions argent langued gueules. We see this also in the arms of Herbert Cardinal Vaughan, archbishop of Westminster 1892-1903. See araldica vaticana. My source is “The art of heraldry; an encyclopedia of armory”, by Arthur Charles Fox-Davies; 1976, Arno Press New York; facsimile 2004, page 439 – Plate CXI, picture 3.
        There we see a shield with only the three lions / and the motto AMARE ET SERVIRE.
        On the wikimedia I saw it combined per pale with the Westminster diocese arms as we have today.
        For the other seven fields in the Australian Vaughan-arms I çannot give a contribution. Googling on “Vaughan, coats of arms” did not bring result.

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