Archbishop Cupich (Third Time’s A Charm)

I have already written about the coat of arms of Archbishop Blase Cupich who will be installed today as the Archbishop of Chicago. Not only has the Archbishop modified his coat of arms when he moved from Rapid City to Spokane and again from Spokane to Chicago now he is also employing a new rendering of the coat of arms done by someone other than Paul Sullivan (below). May the Archbishop’s tenure in Chicago be a spiritually fruitful and successful one.


4 thoughts on “Archbishop Cupich (Third Time’s A Charm)

  1. Shinji Sajor

    This is Heraldry evolution of Monsignor Cupich for his stint in the episcopal sees of: 1 Rapid City (1998–2010), 2 Spokane (2010–2014), 3 Chicago (2014-presente). All were made by Paul Sullivan.
    Evolución heráldica del arzobispo Blase Cupich

  2. Shinji Sajor

    I’m finishing make the armorial of the diocesan bishops of the United States for Wikipedia, is incredible as the deacon Paul Sullivan designed most of the coats of arms. by chance, the deacon Sullivan has published a book which meets all your work?


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