2 thoughts on “Happy Columbus Day!

  1. Hans van Heijningen

    I doubt if this stained glass is based on valid sources:
    1. The castle is for Castilia (gold on red)
    2. The lion is purpure on argent (Leon)
    3. The quarters in the base arefor the discoveries (islands and anchors)
    4. The original arms of Columbus were a bend azure/or with a red chief.
    In the stained glass the last three quarters are ranged incorrect to one-another.

    See f.i. “Heraldry, customs, rules and styles” by C.A. von Volborth, 1981/1983, Poole (Dorset)

    1. guyselvester Post author

      The arms as granted by Fernando and Isabel on 20 May 1493 (the original document is in the Archivo General de Indias in Seville): “… el Castillo de color dorado en campo verde, en el cuadro del escudo de vuestras armas en lo alto a la mano derecha; y en el otro cuadro alto a la mano izquierda un Leon de purpura en campo blanco rampando de verde, y en el otro cuadro bajo a la mano derecha unas islas doradas en ondas de mar, y en el otro cuadro bajo a la mano izquierda las armas vuestras que soliades tener.” The version posted by Alfonso Ayala is from Columbus’s own 1502 “Book of Privileges” and reflects his idea of what they should have looked like (with the fesswise anchors of an admiral, reflecting his title “Admiral of the Ocean Sea”), not what was granted by the king and queen.

      Translation of the original grant… The castle of color gold in the field green, in the quarter of the shield of your arms at the top to the right hand ; and on the other quarter high to the left hand, a lion of purple in the field of white rampando green, and in the other quarter below on the right hand, some Islands gold in the waves of the sea, and in the other quarter below on the left hand the arms you are used to having.’


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