Archbishop of Kuala Lumpur



Cut and paste artwork (much of it STOLEN from someone else!), insipid charges, poor design. An example of the WORST kind of heraldry. It’s really not heraldry at all. Just a bunch of nonsense slapped onto a shield. This kind of heraldic device reveals an arrogance and conceit not befitting a bishop.

3 thoughts on “Archbishop of Kuala Lumpur

  1. Hans van Heijningen

    In the case New bishops arms for Kuala Lumpur I think the problem is deepter than only “The worst bishops arms I have seen in long times”:
    In our society often is disrespect for the ‘professional’ who really know how to produce with real knowledge. Based on this respectless views, all kinds of secretaries and non-professionals make creations themselves without consulting someone who really knows the trade or science. Art is f.i. very vulnarable, also heraldry ..everyone think he/she can design a coat of arms of a bishop and in Kuala Lumpur we see the result of this opinion…….

  2. RevAMG

    At first I thought that charge was just a tree with berries or something but no…it’s the “Tree of All Religions” or “Coexist Tree”. Very odd.

  3. Don A.

    Blah. Simply Blah.

    One would have expected some Malay charges (there is some form of heraldry among Malays, the Federation being composed of Sultanates).


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