Some Australian Bishops’ Arms

In recent years I have often had the great good fortune to collaborate on the design or re-design of coats of arms for various prelates and corporate bodies within the Catholic Church in Australia. My acquaintance and growing friendship with Mr. Richard d’Apice, President of the Australian Heraldry Society as well as a member of the Collegium Ecclesiastica Exarandorum, led to his occasionally consulting with me on designs upon which he was working. These days he acts as the agent with the bishop in question and we consult back and forth via email on the design itself. This happy collaboration is then added to even further by the artistic abilities of Mr. Sandy Turnbull who is also a member of the Australian Heraldry Society. With ease and great efficiency Mr. Turnbull is able to take our ideas and sketches and turn them into first rate heraldic depictions. To date we have worked together on approximately 28 commissions. Here are some examples of our most recent collaborations:

The coat of arms of the Most Rev. Michael F. McCarthy of Rockhampton who will be ordained and installed on May 29th.


The coat of arms of the Most Rev. Columba Macbeth-Green, OSPPE of Wilcannia-Forbes who will be ordained and installed on July 3rd.



3 thoughts on “Some Australian Bishops’ Arms

  1. rdapice

    Dear Fr Guy,

    Thank you for your kind words. I greatly appreciate and thank you for our collaboration and for this exposure of our work.

    It is great to see that Sandy is involved in your other commissions. Congratulations to both of you on the arms of Msgr. Mark Rowan.


    Richard d’Apice AM aih


    The Australian Heraldry Society

    GPO BOX 495, SYDNEY NSW 2001, AUSTRALIA email:


    Description: Heraldry Badge

  2. Hans van Heijningen

    Father Guy did good heraldic work last years in Australia. So he has credits there. There is something else that father Guy AND the Australian Heraldry Society can do together:
    Activate the dioceses to publish the coats of arms of their present and past bishops on their diocesan websites. The Australian ecclesiastical heraldry deserves that.
    Only a few dioceses published all their bishops crests: Cairns, Sale and Hobart. Others only publish the crest of their present bishop and delete it when he dies.
    I met even dioceses who don’t want to publish bishops crests on their web, being afraid of public mis-use of these crests.

    Dioceses could do the heraldic world a favor and it saves a lot of work (answering individual questions of heraldists and hitorians all over the world)


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