5 thoughts on “Canon Ward

  1. Richard d'Apice

    I agree, very, very nice arms. A credit to the College of Arms and, in particular, the agent. I wonder who it was

    1. guyselvester Post author

      Of course he is. If he were a Roman Catholic Canon the tassels would be BLACK. In addition, he wouldn’t be the Principal of a house of theological studies of the Church of England, would he? I don’t think there was ever any lack of clarity that Canon Ward is not Catholic…especially as the post is tagged as “Non-Catholic”.

      1. Hans van Heijningen

        I asked only based on interest. I don’t know much of the structures of the Church of England and cannot recognize all details. When I discovered your picture of Canon Ward, I looked in the scheme of Von Volborth for Anglican crests.
        Although I am a roman-catholic heraldist, I also have my links here with Old-Catholics and Free-Catholics and I even designed coats of arms for their bishops. Even, if Protestants would ask me heraldic questions, I would help them also. But in the the Dutch Churches of the Reformation there is no heraldic. And here in the Netherlands are only a very small number of Anglicans, that I coincidently never met.
        Kindly greetings, Hans

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