When NOT to Use Heraldry Decoratively

OK. I love heraldry. Can’t get enough of it. I like to see its use where and whenever I possibly can. I actually think it is underused in the Church. But, there are limits. As much as I love heraldry there are times and places when even I am forced to admit that slapping a coat of arms onto it is a bad idea. Case in point the photo below of the gathered bishops of Indonesia. The bishop in the back row third from the right and his fellow bishop in the front row third from the left look RIDICULOUS. Coats of arms on the front of a mitre? NO!


1 thought on “When NOT to Use Heraldry Decoratively

  1. chrisjagrady

    When there are two or more bishops in mitres, ONLY ONE should be allowed to wear a “decorated one” – all the rest plain white . . . this “rule” clearly saves these nitwits from themselves!


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