Coat of Arms of Bishop David Talley

This is the coat of arms assumed on April 2, 2013 when David Talley was ordained an auxiliary bishop for Atlanta.

Bishop Talley’s arms are composed of a twelve-pointed silver (white) star known as the “Stellar Maris,” or “Star of the Sea,” a classic symbol honoring Our Blessed Mother between two Cherokee Roses that have silver (white) petals and gold (yellow) barbs and seed and are the state flower of Georgia displayed in the arms of the Diocese of Savannah and in the arms of the Archdiocese of Atlanta. The chevron, from the Prescott family arms is composed of Silver (white) and blue wavy bars, representing water and it signifies the Chattahoochee and the Savannah rivers that run throughout
the territories of the two Georgia dioceses.

In the base of the design, is the bark of St. Peter, gold (yellow) with a silver (white) sail charged with the IHS, the monogram of the Holy Name, in red. The bark is the central feature of the logo of the ”Year of Faith”.

(artwork by P. Sullivan)

2 thoughts on “Coat of Arms of Bishop David Talley

  1. guyselvester Post author

    Yes, it should be stella rather than stellar. Stellar is the way it was written in the description provided by the Archdiocese of Atlanta where it may have simply been a typo.


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