Justin Trudeau Meddles in Heraldry

Today, the Canadian Government of Justin Trudeau unveiled a new heraldic Canadian Crown replacing the traditional St. Edward’s Crown used on Canada’s coat of arms, police & military badges. The design replaces what the government termed “religious symbols” (crosses & fleur-de-lis) with maple leaves & a snowflake.

The Canadian Heraldic Authority was apparently consulted in this process. Reactions so far have been mixed but mostly disapproving.

4 thoughts on “Justin Trudeau Meddles in Heraldry

  1. manareleven

    Thank you, Fr Guy.

    Add me to the ranks of the approvers.

    I think that it is great that the King of Canada has a unique Crown and hope that the King of Australia will do likewise.

  2. djgarvan9047

    Couldn’t help but think that Justin Trudeau is the biggest snowflake of them all! A Christian Crown turn into a pagan Crown man o man what next?

  3. Hermann

    The snow-flake is, and has been for years, the insignia of the Order of Canada – to nobody’s disturbance. Anybody who wants a pagan crown, please use a laurel wreath (the emblem of a Roman general awarded a triumph) or a mural crown.


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