Bishop of Trieste

The Rev. Enrico Trevisi (59) a priest of Cremona was ordained a bishop on March 25 and will be installed as the 59th Bishop of Trieste on April 23. His coat of arms is:

I love the simplicity and boldness of the whole achievement. However, impalement is an odd choice considering the dexter impalement is not the diocesan coat of arms. Also, can you have Argent (silver) swords–keeping in mind grey is not a heraldic tincture or metal–on a field Argent?

No, no you can’t.

(The arms were designed and emblazoned by Renato Poletti and Gianluigi Di Lorenzo.)

2 thoughts on “Bishop of Trieste

  1. Hans van Heijningen

    In case of USA-tradition the choice of ‘per pale’ is perhaps odd, because all dioceses except Venice have per pale diocese/personal charges. Italy follows the Latin-european tradition in which we nearly never see the diocesan c.o.a. appear (Italy, France, Spain, Portugal. I love this design except the grey of the swords.

    1. guyselvester Post author

      You misunderstand me. I know that in Europe it is not customary to impAle personal arms with diocesan arms. However, that being a general custom it still looks like that’s what is happening which is misleading. My point is this: impaling, as a general rule, is a form of marshaling two separate arms on one shield. If that’s not what’s happening then using impalement is a poor design choice heraldically speaking because it appears to be two arms marshaled together even though it may not be.


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