Heraldry is EVERYWHERE!

On a recent visit to the Vatican I was amused and delighted to see that even the trash cans in St. Peter’s Square were looking rather smart by being emblazoned with the armorial bearings of the Holy See. Indeed, heraldry can be used any and everywhere.

3 thoughts on “Heraldry is EVERYWHERE!

  1. Hermann

    Hello, Father. Nice to read from you. So, yes, coats of arms are EVERYWHERE (if you have time, google “manhole cover with coats of arms” – you may be surprised). And now for a slight correction: This version of the Tiara-and-the-keys arms pertains to the Vatican City State – if you want, the humble fundament on which the mighty Chair of Peter rests. This entity was only re-established in 1929 and is responsible for all the not-so-glamorous tasks: Labour relations, gardening, water supply, electric, fire brigade, sewage, trash removal …

  2. monkosb

    Nice to see coats of arms used other places where many people can see them in daily life….even when walking down the sidewalk. Thanks for the post.


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