Another Tassel on the Hat

At the conclusion of the Mass celebrating my Parish’s 150th Anniversary on Sunday, November 6, the Bishop of Metuchen announced that he has appointed me as the Dean of the Morris Canal Deanery. This covers all of Warren County, NJ and consists of 10 churches in 9 parishes: St. Jude, Blairstown; Ss. Peter & Paul, Great Meadows; St. Theodore, Port Murray; Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Hackettstown; St. Patricks, Belvidere which is combined with St. Rose, Oxford; St. Philip & St. James, Phillipsburg; St. Mary, Alpha and St. Joseph, Washington.
I will continue on in my current assignment as Pastor of St. Joseph and also continue as the Diocesan Director of Ecumenical & Interfaith Affairs. There is no salary increase but I do get a title bump from “Reverend” to “Very Reverend Guy Selvester, V.F.” (which stands for Vicar Forane).
Of perhaps even more interest to me is the fact that I get to add another tassel to the galero in my coat of arms.
(artwork by Xavier Garcia)

9 thoughts on “Another Tassel on the Hat

  1. Very Rev. Fr. Peter Shaw, V.F.

    As one Vicar Forane to another, congratulations! But a little hint: the V.F. actually stands for “very frustrated.” 🙃

  2. Linder, Dieter

    Dear Guy,

    My cordial congratulations to your new office and well deserved title!

    Hoping that your tremendous job in clerical heraldry will one day convey you six purple tassels on each side and a purple hat.

    Ad multos annos,

    Best regards from Bavaria, the lozengy state


  3. J. Wheeler Hammontree

    Congratulations! I don’t follow the heraldry circles as much these days, but stumbled across your site here while browsing for something else. Pleased to see you are doing well. May this new responsibility be a blessing to you and to those you serve in the exercise of these new duties.


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