An Unexpected Honor

The Board of Governors of the American Heraldry Society voted unanimously at its July meeting to elect Father Guy Selvester as the first Fellow of the American Heraldry Society!

Father Guy has spent decades as a student and practitioner of heraldry and has become a respected expert in the field of ecclesiastical armory specifically. Many Bishops and Priests around the country bear arms designed by Father Guy and his writings on the subject are held in very high regard.

“The Board hopes this is a welcome recognition of the fine work that Father Guy continues to do promoting and improving heraldry in the United States and around the world! Congratulations!” said David Boven, president and founding member of the American Heraldry Society.

The honor of Fellow is awarded to any member of the Society who has compiled a distinguished record of scholarship and experience marked by significant contributions to the advancement of heraldry or an auxiliary science of heraldry. Since the inception of the award in 2013, no individual has been nominated or elected as Fellow by the Society until now.

6 thoughts on “An Unexpected Honor


    This is well-deserved recognition for your immense contribution to the field. Congratulations,
    Howard Connell

  2. Dieter Linder

    Dear Father Guy, Please receive my wholehearted congratulations to your fellowship! You have really deserved honors like these. As a constant reader of your articles about ecclesiastical heraldry and like-minded author of the arms of Cardinal Marx, Bishop Jung and Bishop Voderholzer as well of some other clergymen I can really appreciate your work. One day all the stakeholders of ecclesiastical heraldry should come together to talk about their wonderful leisure activities – in remembrance of forerunners like Bruno B. Heim. – All the best and ad multos annos! Dieter Linder

  3. Jim Derleth

    Father Guy, I have been following your EXARANDORUM blog for over ten years. Therefore I can saw without hesitation that this honor is well earned. Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us.


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