Blessed Stefan Wyszynski

On September 12 the Pope will beatify the late Stefan Cardinal Wyszynski (1901-1981) who was the Archbishop of Gniezno, making him also the Primate of Poland and also of Archbishop of Warsaw from 1948-1981. In 1953 he was created a Cardinal and in 1957 made Cardinal-Priest of Santa Maria in Trastevere. After his death the two archdioceses have been under the care of separate archbishops.

His somewhat unconventional coat of arms speaks loudly of the love he had for his homeland.

2 thoughts on “Blessed Stefan Wyszynski

  1. Hans van Heijningen

    For Gniezno (German: Gnesen): are you sure that the fleurs-de-lys are gold here? The diocesan coa has a blue field with lilies argent and I saw that also on several episcopal coa’s before Wyszynski.


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