A Very Poor Example

At the recent installation of the Most Rev. Siegfried Jwara, CMM as Archbishop of Durban it was possible to see his personal symbol on a banner in the sanctuary. I don’t call it a coat of arms because it is composed entirely of reproductions of paintings: one of the Good Shepherd, one of Dom Francis Pfanner, OCSO, the founder of Marianhill and a portrait of another cleric.

This. Isn’t. Heraldry.

Below is a poor quality image taken from a screenshot of the video of the installation. Apologies for the poor quality. Although, perhaps it’s better not to see it more clearly. I’ll say again that you may not simply put whatever you’d like on a shield and call it a coat of arms.

4 thoughts on “A Very Poor Example

  1. manareleven

    Dear Fr Guy,

    You are very restrained.

    It is truly horrible and a mockery of heraldry, if this mess and the word heraldry can coexist in the same sentence.


    Richard d’Apice

  2. Walker1098

    That’s terrible. Seems like there should be someone to approve, or at least provide guidance, on proposed arms. “Fr. Guy, Ecclesiastical King of Arms”?


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