Bishop of the Virgin Islands

On April 17, 2021 the Most Rev. Jerome Feudjio (65) a priest of the Diocese of St. Thomas, American Virgin Islands was ordained a bishop and installed as the sixth Bishop of St. Thomas. The bishop is a native of Cameroon. The armorial bearings he has assumed are:

These are placed here for your information with no further comment. (I’m feeling charitable today)

2 thoughts on “Bishop of the Virgin Islands

  1. George Trosper

    Color on color
    Unimaginative placement–though perhaps not a wholly bad idea given his own arms will hardly ever be seen except impaled in a half-space like this.
    And there are better heraldic lilies out there. E.g., that I bet Mistress Gunnvôr would give permission to His Excellency for. (I think I can speak for the whole Society for Creative Anachronism in saying we applaud good heraldry in Real Life™.)

    Did he register this somewhere, and can he change the top field-half to Or without further permission?

  2. Hans van Heijningen

    I think the coa of bishop Feudjio is quite easily to explain. The triparted field green-red-gold (yellow) is the flag of his birthnation Cameroon (although this flag has vertical stripes; for the shield this turning 90 grades, is a good solution.
    The ‘lily’ is no lily but a AM-monogram with lily-wise endiing (I think for decorative reasons). This is -as in (too) many bishops coa’s a symbol for his devotion to Mary.
    – The lion could be meant as for the bishops baptist name: the lion ís a attribute for Hieronymus.
    – The plant in base look like a sugarcane, which is common to the Caribbean. I see it in its proper color: green
    I read the coa as follows: I, bishop Feudjio, under protection and in devotion to Mary, guide/take care of the flock of Saint-Thoman (sugarcane).
    The motto is thyen his personal prayer.

    I only feel difficulty with the AM: Mary has two colors. Why not instead her blue, her white (purity), or the monogram fimbrated white? Better would be a white natural lily. Besides that I am happy with this result


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