Archbishop Etienne moving from Anchorage to Seattle

On April 29 Pope Francis appointed Archbishop Paul Etienne (59) to be the Coadjutor Archbishop of Seattle. The archbishop was a priest of Indianapolis and also served from 2009-2016 as the Bishop of Cheyenne, Wyoming before becoming Archbishop of Anchorage, Alaska where he has served for just three years.

He will take up his new duties in Seattle in early June and then he and Archbishop Peter Sartain, who requested the coadjutor due to ill health, will determine when Archbishop Etienne (pronounced AY-chin) will succeed to the See as the ninth archbishop.

The archbishop famously redesigned his personal coat of arms when he moved from Cheyenne to Anchorage, a move that was highly criticized by me. Let’s hope he leaves well enough alone this time. Ironically, his original coat of arms would have ended up looking better marshaled to those of Seattle than his current design. This, then, is why one shouldn’t redesign personal arms to harmonize better with (arch)diocesan arms. It is impossible to know if you might be moving on.

2 thoughts on “Archbishop Etienne moving from Anchorage to Seattle

  1. Hans van Heijningen

    For ETIENNE I agree with you: this change from green to argent-blue, was not necessary.
    Today aux. BALDACCHINO has been named bishop of Las Cruces. He had a bad coat of arms as an auxiliarian in Miami. The figures have been drawed horrible and the shield is overcrowded.
    The central theme however is wonderful and unique, but the only other example of this, the coat of arms of aux. Ansgar Puff in Cologne shows this much better and more simple.
    So I hope although that in marshalling these personal symbols with the arms of the diocese Las Cruces one could reach a more better result in drawing and in chosing less other symbols around the baptismal font.

    1. guyselvester Post author

      I agree with all the points you have made.

      If I may, however, let’s try to keep to the topic at hand. This isn’t a social media thread. Rather it is a blog. The subject of this one is the arms of Archbishop Etienne, not Bishop Baldacchino.

      Again, I repeat that I don’t disagree with the points you make but this post isn’t the appropriate place to discuss the coat of arms of Bishop Baldacchino, or for general comments.

      There will, in time, almost certainly be a post about Bishop Baldacchino and his coat of arms once they have been impaled with those of Las Cruces.

      Let’s try to keep the comments on any given post about that specific post if we can, please.


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