Bishop Solis

On March 7 the Most Rev. Oscar A. Solis, formerly Auxiliary Bishop of Los Angeles, was installed as the 10th Bishop of Salt Lake City, Utah. The first Filipino-American to head a diocese is now the shepherd of a diocese covering the entire state of Utah, famous for being “Mormon country”. His handsome coat of arms which refers to both the Filipino flag and to his surname, Solis, meaning “of the sun”, is now in place over the cathedra in the very beautiful cathedral of the Madeleine. This has the distinction of being one of the loveliest cathedrals in the United States.


2 thoughts on “Bishop Solis

  1. Victor Siebeneck

    We are so grateful and blessed to finally have a new Bishop. Does the blue Jerusalem Cross indicate membership in the EOHSOJ?

    1. guyselvester Post author

      No. Actually, it refers to the mission of the Church and the ministry of the Bishop to bring the good news of salvation to the four corners of the world. The cross of the Order of the Holy Sepulcher is red. The Jerusalem cross itself is not automatically the cross of the Order especially if it is depicted in a color other than red. If the Bishop is not already a member of the Order I’m sure he will soon be invited to be as most diocesan bishops are.


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