Blessed Oscar Romero

I noted with interest that the vestments worn by the bishops for the May 23 beatification ceremony for martyred Archbishop Oscar Romero were martyr’s red and emblazoned with the coat of arms of the slain archbishop. I’m not usually a big fan of heraldry on vestments but in this case I think it was a nice touch.

Image 8

1 thought on “Blessed Oscar Romero

  1. Hans van Heijningen

    A pleasant surprise.
    I describe as I think it is:
    “Per fess by a fess chequy 3 x 10 geules-argent (?), charge with a triple cross sable touching the chief and base of the fess: I) azure a palmtwig or; II) argent a triple twig of rosemary proper (blue flowers?); motto: SENTIRE CUM ECCLESIA.”
    The rosemary is canting: romero (spanish) = rosemary. For the fess I haven’t an explanation.

    I hope that someone can bring a final solution for a valid version of this nice coat of arms


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