Francis Cardinal George, OMI

The Archbishop-Emeritus of Chicago, Francis Cardinal George, an Oblate of Mary Immaculate, died today in Chicago after a long, courageous and rather public struggle with cancer. Requiescat in Pace.

2 thoughts on “Francis Cardinal George, OMI

  1. Ken Faig, Jr.

    Cardinal George had the courage to speak up for his faith, and to admit when he was wrong. It will be interesting to see whether the tradition of hanging a “galero parasol” in Holy Name Cathedral is maintained for him. I don’t know that he ever owned a galero; certainly he was such an obedient priest that he would never have worn one. Of course, a cardinal archbishop has to make many difficult decisions, and sometimes makes the wrong ones. The legend used to be that his soul would finally make it to heaven when his galero parasol disintegrated and fell from the ceiling of his cathedral church to the ground. Only the church can be the judge of souls, and it pronounces on their state only when making saints (as far as I know there is no opposite process for consigning souls to hell), but somehow I like to believe that Cardinal George is in fact already enjoying the beatific vision. He did not have much patience with honors and praise, but I think he was truly deserving of the words: tu es sacerdos magnus secundum ordinem Melchizedek.

    1. Ken Faig, Jr.

      A local news story says that the seminarians at Mundelein have taken up a collection to purchase a galero for Cardinal George. It is expected to be hung in Holy Name Cathedral sometime in the coming weeks.


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