Bishop Hanefeldt of Grand Island, Nebraska

On March 19 the Most Rev. Joseph Hanefeldt, a priest of the archdiocese of Omaha was ordained and installed as the 8th bishop of Grand Island, Nebraska. His personal arms (below) allude to his devotion to Our Lady and to St. Joseph. These will alternately be displayed impaled with those of the diocese as well.



1 thought on “Bishop Hanefeldt of Grand Island, Nebraska

  1. Hans van Heijningen

    The shield is heraldically sufficent and even beautiful with the rose and lily togehter on a vine’s twig. I refers me to several bishops arms in Central-Europe. But why the possilbilty of two versions of the shield? Redudant up to me.

    Especially in the USA it is tradition to divide a bishops shield per pale: 1) the diocesan c.o.a.; 2) the personal symbols of the bishop-bearer. A bishop has a ‘mystific-marriage’ with his diocese. Why not express that in every situation by dividing his own charges with that of the diocese?


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