“Christmas” Heraldry

Each year at this time I always seem to get involved in a conversation with at least one other heraldry enthusiast about coats of arms associated with Christmas or the Christmas season. Here are a few tidbits I offer for your amusement. (Keep in mind the ancient custom of attributed arms, that is, coats of arms attributed to people who were not necessarily armigerous themselves, especially if they lived prior to the advent of heraldry and/or coats of arms devised for and attributed to people who may or may not be fictitious!)

Santa Claus (Saint Nicholas)

Here is a a coat of arms recently devised by a friend for St. Nicholas


Here is another said to be of “Father Christmas”


The Three Wise Men (or Kings)

The arms attributed to Kaspar, Balthasaar and Melchior (depicted beautifully by the Italian heraldic artist, Marco Foppoli)


The Blessed Virgin Mary

A coat of arms attributed to the Mother of Jesus, Mary


Jesus (you know…the One whose birthday we’re celebrating?)

This is just one of many different attributed arms for Jesus, the Christ depicting the implements of His passion.

Arms of Christ

The Holy Family

A wonderful Christmas scene showing all the principal armigerous figures of the story of the Nativity with their corresponding attributed arms. (by daSilva)


3 thoughts on ““Christmas” Heraldry

  1. David Fernandes

    Thank you for the reference (daSilva it’s me – David Fernandes da Silva). Every year (Christmas and Easter) I make a new drawing for friends. I found Atributed Heraldry just fantastic… so, preparing some studies on it, I draw this! Although the arms of the Magi are more tradicional, the great “inovation” are the inquiring arms of the Christ, as son of God, make from the tradicional Arms of God.

  2. Michael J. Quigley

    I’m honored to see my design for attributed arms for Santa Claus (Saint Nicholas) is at the top of your Christmas heraldry blog post, Father. Thank you. Harold Canon did a great job with the rendering of it.

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