Bishop Daniel Thomas of Toldeo, OH


The Most Rev. Daniel Thomas, latterly auxiliary bishop of Philadelphia will be installed today as the IX bishop of Toldeo in Ohio. His arms (above) show the arms of the See impaled with his personal arms, assumed at the time he became a bishop. The lions are an allusion to the name Daniel and there are two of them as a heraldic representation of the name Thomas, which means “twin”.

1 thought on “Bishop Daniel Thomas of Toldeo, OH

  1. Hans van Heijningen

    I wondered how they would solve the problem of the two lions side by side in a narrow space …. unchanged. But it is a wonderful coat of arms.
    The tradition of ‘per pale the diocese and the personal symbols’ is a wonderful one, but it can create problems in arranging the figures. See f.i. the coats of arms of the (arch)bishops of Atlanta and Helena.


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