Holyrood Week


As Queen Elizabeth begins her annual week of engagements in Scotland and is in residence at Holyrood in Edinburgh we will be seeing a lot of the royal arms as used in Scotland. The Scottish quarter takes precedence as does the unicorn supporter. The crest and motto are also different as is the Order of the Thistle surrounding the shield as opposed to the Garter.

3 thoughts on “Holyrood Week

  1. Brian O'Leary

    I didn’t know that the British Crown had different arms when in the different kingdoms of the United Kingdom. Do you know what arms the Queen used in Northern Ireland? Or was their a another coat that was used in Ireland prior to 1922 when it was still part of the UK? Thanks.

  2. guyselvester Post author

    There is no version of the royal arms for N. Ireland. She uses the same version as the royal arms as used in England. There was a coat of arms designed for N. Ireland by Norroy & Ulster King of Arms and used by the government there from 1924-1973.


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