Transition in Spain

640px-Coat_of_Arms_of_the_Prince_of_Asturias.svg  719px-Coat_of_Arms_of_Spanish_Monarch.svg

Now that the Spanish Cortes has voted on and passed the law allowing for the abdication of King Juan Carlos I it has prepared the way for proclamation of the Prince of the Asturias as King Felipe VI on June 18. The arms borne by Felipe as Prince (left) will be replaced by the royal arms (right). It has not yet been determined what title Juan Carlos will hold or what arms he shall bear. Perhaps it will be something similar to the arms borne by his father, Don Juan? (below) Of course, Don Juan, however, had renounced his rights to the throne and, while having been for a time the Pretender to the Headship of the Royal House, was never King.



1 thought on “Transition in Spain

  1. Xavier Garcia

    Not exactly. The Prince of Asturias will change the crown and will erase the label. But the next king of Spain will not use a lion Gules and I don’t think that Felipe VI will repeat the external ornaments (cross, arrows,…) that his father uses.


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