St. James Parish, Jamesburg, NJ


Above is the coat of arms recently designed for St. James Parish in Jamesburg, NJ. I’m not pleased with this design but much of it is the result of what the client requested. The sad reality is that frequently the heraldic designer and/or the heraldic artist must compromise their own tastes and even their knowledge of heraldry in order to accommodate the wishes of the client who has commissioned them. This one has been a little too ambitious in its use of color and has also overcharged the shield a bit. But, the client was happy with the design.

1 thought on “St. James Parish, Jamesburg, NJ

  1. Hans van Heijningen

    One can indeed say that the shield is a bit overcrowded and that it is a pity that the blue part of the anchor-cross loses itself a bit in the blue waves. But bad heraldry? Up to me: no. I was positive-surprised. And the style of drawing is perhaps a bit a subject of personal taste.


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