Arms of Christ ???

There is an old custom in the world of heraldry of attributing a coat of arms to fictional characters or to people who were real but who lived long before the dawn of heraldry. Great figures from throughout history have had a coat of arms devised for them and attributed to them. This includes people such as Constantine the Great, King Arthur, the Blessed Virgin Mary and even her divine Son, Jesus Christ. On this Good Friday I wanted to highlight some examples of the arms attributed to Jesus. Most include the instruments of His Passion. In addition, this fascination with attributing arms to Jesus seems to have been at its height in the medieval period but the last example I share today is very recent.





2 thoughts on “Arms of Christ ???

  1. haha

    David Fernandes had created a very amusing shield for the Christ in a Christmas illustration. It represented the scutum fidei defaced with a label sable. The arms of God with a cadency mark.


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