New Auxiliary of Bamberg

On March 14 the Most Rev. Herwig Gössl (age 47) will be ordained as Auxiliary Bishop of Bamberg, Germany. His coat of arms (below) employs an interesting modern style in its depiction. The design incorporates symbols of the Transfiguration, the rivers associated with the places the bishop has lived and colors taken from the archdiocesan arms. Beneath the arms of the new bishop I also show the coat of arms of the current archbishop of Bamberg, Ludwig Schick.



3 thoughts on “New Auxiliary of Bamberg

  1. Hans van Heijningen

    There is more about to say about the “modern style” of this coat of arms:
    Some designers have their own remarkable way of drawing, f.i. Bruno Heim, Noonan and deacon Sullivan.
    The designer of the crest Gössl is (not mentioned, but easy to determine) the German Professor Franz Bernard Weisshaar, who also designed the coats of arms for f.i. bishop Walter Mixa (Eichstätt and Augsburg) and for the auxiliarian bishop of Augsburg Florian Wörner (2012-present). Weisshaar developed his own style and took as far as I know always the cross behind the shield silver instead of the more common gold. Weisshaar is up to me a modern and excellent heraldist.

    My only minus for Gössl is the unnescessary silver bordering of the blue river on a field also argent.

    1. guyselvester Post author

      Noonan doesn’t emblazon any of the arms he designs. All the artwork for Noonan’s designs is done by Linda Nicholson who also paints for the Canadian Heraldic Authority.


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