Most Rev. Anthony G. Bosco RIP


The Most Rev. Anthony G. Bosco (August 1, 1927-July 2, 2013) who served as Third Bishop of Greensburg, Pennsylvania from 1987-2004 has passed away. He was the bishop who installed me in the Ministry of Acolyte on my way to the priesthood. His coat of arms with the distinctive single charge of an oak tree as an allusion to the name “Bosco” was designed by the late Prof. Géza Grosschmid, who was my mentor in heraldry, and emblazoned by none other than the late (great) Abp. Bruno B. Heim. In fact, the bishop’s personal arms were used by Heim as part of the cover art for his seminal work, “Heraldry In The Catholic Church” (1978). Bishop Bosco purposely didn’t use a galero in his coat of arms and preferred to use the one external ornament that is exclusive to and truly indicates the coat of arms of a bishop. Namely, the episcopal cross. May he rest in peace.

1 thought on “Most Rev. Anthony G. Bosco RIP

  1. Perpignan

    Pace the sorry few who inexpicably dislike Abp Heim’s artwork, this is a very fine and vigorous rendering of very pleasing arms. Thanks for sharing.


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