Benedict XVI to Montezemolo: “No Thanks”

It has been uncovered in a recent article that the proposal from Andrea Cardinal di Montezemolo that Pope-Emeritus Benedict XVI should modify his coat of arms and place the crossed keys of St. Peter on the shield has been politely REJECTED. Benedict thanked His Eminence for the interesting study he made of the subject but declined to adopt any of the cardinal’s proposed changes. Good for him! The precedent set would have been a bad one…just like Montezemolo’s bright idea of dropping the tiara as a heraldic emblem in favor of a stylized tiara/mitre hybrid. It’s time that Montezemolo realized he’s no Bruno Heim!

4 thoughts on “Benedict XVI to Montezemolo: “No Thanks”

  1. Basil Damukaitis

    He always reminds me if the 70’s Saturday morning kid’s show “Zoom” was a game show, he’d be the host, “and now, here’s your host, Monty Zemolo!!!!!!”

  2. patrick walesby

    Good for Benedict XVI . I am glad he is not letting himself be pushed around by some silly Cardinal who is trying to get into Pope Francis’s books. I also hear Pope Bendedict’s health is returning. LOng may he live. I pray he out live Pope Francis.

    Watch England. I hear great changes aloft. Especialy as Arcgbishop Vincent and the Nuncio no longer speak to each other…………. it has been said by one of them………….. either he goes or I do………………… we wait and see….. Bishops Conferecne HQ is running scared of the Nuncio as they now must pass info by him before genral publication…………..


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