Archbishop Jackels of Dubuque, IA


As mentioned in an earlier post the coat of arms of the former bishop of Wichita, now the newly installed archbishop of Dubuque, Iowa, The Most Rev. Michael Jackels, presented a challenge to the heraldic artist insofar as they were already impaled arms. In order to impale his personal arms with those of the see of Dubuque (as is customary in N. America) the archbishop’s personal arms would have to be modified in some way. I opined that perhaps dividing the personal arms horizontally, or “per fess”, and placing the two charges in each half would provide the opportunity then to impale the arms of the see with them. Someone else was obviously thinking along the same lines. As you can see from the photo above taken at the archbishop’s May 30 installation this is precisely what was done. I’m glad to see the handsome arms of the see of Dubuque were able to be incorporated into the overall achievement.

4 thoughts on “Archbishop Jackels of Dubuque, IA

    1. guyselvester Post author

      It is proper (I’m not sure you can say “more proper”) for the shades of a particular tincture to match unless there is a specific reason otherwise. For example, some coats of arms contain charges that are Azure and also those that are Blue Celeste. Some arms have charges that are Gules and others that are Sanguine or Murrey (the latter being two of the “stains” used in some heraldic systems. Nevertheless, all things being equal charges that are intended to be the same color should be depicted using the same shade of that color. In the case of these arms I don’t want to pick nits. Considering how this could have turned out it still looks rather good.


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